Our Philosophy

At Epping Little Sprouts, we pride ourselves in ensuring children’s care and safety are always the highest priority.

We build trusting relationships with children and their families so everyone feels welcome and part of the Epping Little Sprouts Family.

Our planning for children is guided by Reggio Emilio, a theorist who believed that children are 'knowledge bearers' and the teachers are 'co-learners and facilitators' of the educational development and wellbeing of a child. 

Our planning and programming is child-centred driven, to empower children to be lifelong learners.

Every child that comes to Epping Little sprouts is unique and has varying different abilities. We will actively support each child to reach their potential and guide them through their individual learning in partnership with families and professionals within the community

We will ensure to allow children to learn and develop at their own pace and encourage them to make their own decisions

We believe that the natural world is essential to the holistic health and development of children. Sustainable practise will be embedded into the daily program to enrich children’s understanding of our world and how precious it is.

Our routines, meals and environments will be influenced on ensuring good health and well-being of all children 

Each child comes to Epping Little sprouts with a different set of experiences, knowledge, and interests.

We will seek to build on the child’s home experiences and we acknowledge the range of diverse lifestyles and cultures of families and the community and actively engage with them. 

Our families are valued, and their diverse backgrounds culture and or socio-economic background will be respected, inclusive, whilst reflected and empowered in our program. 

Epping Little Sprouts will be guided by the National Law and Regulation, the National Quality Standards and Early Learning Years Framework in all practises and managerial decision-making procedures that will support the educators to create a strong confident and respectful team that can provide high quality care to all children.

The Epping Little Sprouts Philosophy was created in conjunction with staff and families.

Epping Childcare Philosophy