Our Educational Approach

Our enriched early learning curriculum is guided by the Australian Early Years Learning Framework - Being, Belonging, Becoming.

We recognise that the early years play a significant role in establishing the fundamental skills for future opportunities, including school, career, and social groups.

This is why we value an experience where children can enjoy their childhood without undue pressure, as outlined in the Australian Code of Ethics.

We believe that play filled with fun, happiness and laughter naturally invites and encourages children to become competent learners.

We believe that effective learning occurs when it is filled with fun, happiness and laughter.

We recognise that the early years of a child are fundamental towards establishing the elaborate skills needed to navigate school, jobs, friendships and their life. We extend and promote children’s natural ability to learn by providing enriching learning environments, designed to intrigue and involve children. 
We base our curriculum on the early years learning framework - Being, Belonging, Becoming. 

Our childcare educators are compassionate and provide thoughtful guidance and warmhearted interactions to help children share ideas, explore curiosity, and model social interactions and relationships.  Everything we do, we do to facilitate the best interest of children. We do this by working in partnership with families to deliver a flexible curriculum that supports the needs of each child.

Epping Childcare Curriculum